Mouth Guards and Anti-Snoring Devices

A mouthguard, custom-fitted by your dentist, can reduce the risk of dental injuries. Sport, leisure and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ mouthguards, custom mouthguards won’t slip or fall out of your mouth and don’t require any effort to keep in, leaving you to concentrate on your game.

We offer both adult and children’s mouthguards and our dentists can fit you with a custom mouthguard quickly and affordably. You are welcome to make an appointment so we can assess your need for a mouthguard, explain what’s involved and what the costs are likely to be.

Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery is a fashion statement that can highlight a beautiful smile. A small embellishment is bonded to your tooth by the dentist using braces glue. It is painless and quick. If you decide to remove it simply ask your dentist to polish it off. It leaves no mark after removal. We sell a range of embellishments or you can purchase your own and bring it in for us to adhere.