Calm and Confident Visits

Some people are very nervous about dental treatment. One of the biggest problems about being fearful about dentistry is that you might be putting off treatment that you really need, or even missing out on having a cosmetic dental service that you really want.

You’re in the right place! We have great empathy for nervous people, and we are here to help. Our dentists and support staff are experts at helping to put you at ease, distracting you when needed and reassuring you with calm conversation.

For people who need some help to feel relaxed we offer Happy Gas. It is a gas that is used as a calmative in dentistry and medicine. The great thing about Happy Gas is that its effects only last during your appointment and during the treatment you have the option to control how much and how often to use the gas. The effects of the sedation wear off quickly, and you can be back to real life (including driving) as soon as you leave our office.

Payment Plans:

We understand that sometimes patients need help with payment of their dental treatments, so here at Radiance Dental we offer 18 Months Interest Free*.

*Approved applicants only. Fees and T&Cs apply


Braces Payment Options

Having Invisalign or braces is an ongoing treatment over a substantial period of time and we recognise that some patients require a structured payment plan that covers the length of time their treatment will be carried out. At Radiance Dental we offer a payment plan option to you directly; there is no need to go through a different financier. Please ask your treating provider or our friendly staff for further details.

Infection Control:

At Radiance Dental, we take infection control very seriously as it is the foundation of a good dental clinic. We developed standard operating procedures according to the recommendation of the Australian Dental Association and we constantly update our SOPs to comply with the latest regulations. These procedures are designed to reduce the number of infectious agents in the dental practice environment; prevent or reduce the likelihood of transmission of these infectious agents from one person or item/location to another; and make items and areas as free as possible from infectious agents. Basic measures include: disinfectant hand soap, gloves and face masks, chemical disinfection of counter tops and surfaces, sterilisation of all equipment before and after every use, disposable materials. We sterilise all reusable equipment, including dental hand pieces. We use an autoclave, a device that kills bacteria and viruses by steam, heat, and pressure. The waterlines for each surgery are run every day so as to flush contaminants out. Also, our surgeries use self-contained units so that sterile water is used and we treat the waterlines with an antibacterial solution. You are welcome to ask for a copy of our Infection Control Standard Operation Procedure should you like more information on the subject.